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INTRODUCING Teri Ijeoma’s TRADE + TRAVEL program

Teri Ijeoma’s VIP Trade and Travel Program is a self paced online course with over 100 hours of training to help you trade stocks for income! It includes seven classes of education accompanied by bonus group coaching calls that start each month, and a supportive Facebook community.

Teri’s proven roadmap to create an additional source of income with stock trading gives you the freedom to:

  • pay off your debt
  • plan for your retirement
  • create wealth for your family

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Hey y’all!
Teri Ijeoma here. I’m a full-time trader, world traveler, and lover of mac-n-cheese.

I’ve helped more than 5,000 students learn how to trade on the stock market and fulfill their financial dreams. It took learning new skills, practicing them, and working hard, but my dream to travel around the world came true thanks to trading.

Trading for income gave me:
– The chance to quit my 9-5 for good and travel as much as I want (while using my cell phone to make trades).
– The ability to say “YES!” to what I love (and a guilt-free “bless your heart” to what I don’t).
Freedom from debt! I paid off my student loans, $150,000 credit card debt, and soon I’ll be paying off my mortgage (*looking at 2021*).

It started with a single trade, a will to succeed, and my unshakeable faith in God.
If that’s the life you want…I can give you the step-by-step path to get there when you sign up for Trade and Travel.

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Teri’s proprietary 7-step roadmap is responsible for helping 1,000 students make $1,000 in a SINGLE day.

Trading skills for a lifetime.

“I made the $1000 in a day club in December. My beautiful plaque came last week! I’m so happy that I am continuing to learn valuable skills. Thank you Teri Ijeoma for patiently teaching everyone trading skills that we will use for a lifetime!”

Angela, VIP Trade + Travel student

I resonated with teri’s story

“Thanks Teri Latrice Ijeoma! A much belated picture to celebrate my success. I resonated with Teri’s story a year ago listening to her on a travel podcast talking about the Trade and Travel program. Since then, it’s been a steep learning curve but finally something clicked and I began to understand. I have been trading with my cash account since Sept 1 and earned more than $10k.”

Andrew, VIP Trade and Travel student

A program that makes trading attainable

“Grateful to be in the club! Thank you Teri Ijeoma for creating a program that makes trading attainable and has changed my life.”

Charmaine, Trade and Travel student

replaced a part time job with trading

“Received this beauty in the mail last week. Thanks Teri for this new skill. I joined in Oct 2019 but didn’t prioritize jumping right into learning and there were bumps along the way of my consistency to learn. After prioritizing gaining the knowledge, I’ve been able to replace a part time job with trading. ⠀
For the trade cousins, don’t rush, everything will fall into place in due time. Be patient with yourself.”

Shondraya, VIP Trade and Travel student

The Trade & Travel Program shares a 7-Step Trading Roadmap, so that you can:

  • Open a trading account and learn the basics of getting started (if you’re a rank beginner with no prior trading experience)
  • Get strategic and plan your way to success, so you minimize risk and don’t lose money (you’ll practice your skills on a Simulator, i.e. you’ll trade with fake money, build your confidence before you make the leap to live trading).
  • Create a comprehensive trading plan and an exit strategy that are aligned with your income goals (if you’re an advanced trader).
  • Make trading for income a reality without losing sleep, money, and your mind!

Yes, these outcomes are totally within reach for you and your lifestyle goals (whether you’re starting from scratch or have been trading for a while).



  • Retire in peace without financial anxiety
  • Pay your bills without taking on a side hustle
  • Quit your 9-5 and do what you love
  • Make more than your current income


A comprehensive, self-paced learning program designed to help you supplement your daily, weekly, and monthly income with trading.


This program is for you if you have completed the Trade & Travel Standard Program (weeks 1-4), and:

  • You’re ready to become a seasoned trader.
  • You want to learn how to make money when the market is trending up AND down (DOUBLE WIN).
  • You want your trading income to eventually replace your day job.
Module 1

Pick Companies

Everything you need, to successfully get started in investing, including opening your account, picking good companies, and placing your first trade.

Module 2

Protect Your Portfolio

As soon as you place your trade, you need a plan to protect your account from losses. This class teaches you how to prevent yourself from losing money.

Module 3

Plan Correctly

The biggest struggle for investors is knowing what price to enter a trade. This class teaches you how to read stock charts, which is the best indicator of stock direction.

Module 4

Plan the Trade

Once you have mastered all of the steps, this course takes your wins from one-time surprises to generating frequent regular income. You’ll learn Master strategies to make consistent gains as a trader.

Module 5

Maximise Declining Markets

Graduate from the typical behaviour of selling stocks at a high price to make money, to making money in a declining market. Learn about Shorting, when to do it, and how to do it, following the candle formation concepts, and how to read charts.

Module 6

Gaps and Globex

In this advanced strategy – you’ll learn all about gaps and Globex trading that will amplify your trading results. Dive into specific examples that demonstrate the external forces that cause gaps, and learn about when to trade gaps.

Module 7

Options Trading

A super-powered double module covering options trading – amplify your gains trading 100 shares at a time. These modules cover options terminology, understanding premiums, considering reward to risk ratios, and option contracts, and setting up your own personal options trading strategy.


Weekly Mastermind with Teri

For students who’ve completed all 8 weeks you are invited to get on weekly mastermind calls with Teri. We talk about successful trading strategies for the long haul.

Exclusive VIP Private Facebook Community

Accelerate your learning, connect with other VIP students, share wins, and ask questions.
Get support, feedback, and daily encouragement as you become a seasoned trader.

Bi-Weekly Q&A Office Hours

Questions about options? Shorting? Can’t get your head around Globex? All of the above? This is where you come with questions & leave with solutions.

VIP Study Group


This program is for you if you are a beginner and want to get started on trading for income, and:

  • You want to learn how to make money in a stock market that’s trending upwards (the simplest and most common path for new traders).
  • You’re not doing this full time (yet).
Module 1

Pick Companies

Everything you need, to successfully get started in investing, including opening your account, picking good companies, and placing your first trade.

Module 2

Protects Your Portfolio

As soon as you place your trade, you need a plan to protect your account from losses. This class teaches you how to prevent yourself from losing money.

Module 3

Plan Correctly

The biggest struggle for investors is knowing what price to enter a trade. This class teaches you how to read stock charts, which is the best indicator of stock direction.

Module 4

Plan the Trade

Once you have mastered all of the steps, this course takes your wins from one-time surprises to generating frequent regular income. You’ll learn Master strategies to make consistent gains as a trader.


Invest with Teri Watchlist

This list contains all the companies that I follow, research, and use for making trades. Add this watchlist to your online brokerage account, cut down your research time, and get on the fast track to trading live.

Market Momentum Video

The closer your buying and selling patterns mimic the market direction (↑↓), the higher the probability of making a successful trade. In this under-10 minute video, you’ll understand what market momentum means and how it impacts your trade positions.

Realized & Unrealized Profit-Loss

Understand the difference between realized and unrealized profit & loss numbers that show up on your online brokerage account.

Pre-Recorded Coaching Calls Library

Have additional questions you need answered? Our library of 48+ hours of pre-recorded coaching calls with past cohorts (from the last two years) will come to your rescue. No staying stuck or letting overwhelm get in the way.

Emotional Investing Support

Learn the tactics, strategies, and emotional hacks to become a successful trader from our special guest speakers.

Setup Quick Tips

View step-by-step tutorials that’ll show you how to set up your online brokerage account on your desktop, place trades, and create a watchlist.

Bi-Weekly Q&A Office Hours

Pls supply text.

Exclusive VIP Private Facebook Community

Accelerate your learning, connect with other VIP students, share wins, and ask questions.
Get support, feedback, and daily encouragement as you become a seasoned trader.

Our lives will never be the same

Teri and the IWT family, we are forever Grateful.
Our lives will never be the same.⠀

Latonya, VIP Trade and Travel student

The gift of financial abundance.

“Thank you so much, Teri Ijeoma! I’ve always been afraid of the stock market. I didn’t think I was “good at money” or skilled enough to learn about something so seemingly complicated. You’ve taught us an invaluable life-long skill set, you’ve given me knowledge and confidence. I hope this wealth grows and multiplies so that I can bless others with the gift of this financial abundance too!⠀

Today also marks my first live trade and I’m so excited, a little scared, but mostly just overwhelmed with gratitude. Let’s go!!!!!”⠀

Athena , Trade and Travel student

a way to spend more time with family

“I have a very busy practice and I was looking for a way to spend more time with my family. Thanks Teri Ijeoma for making it more of a reality. This is a great way to end 2020 and I’m teaching my kids what I learn in VIP.”

Duwain, Trade and Travel student

I can do anything i put my mind to

“Last year this time, I was listening to the IWT webinars on repeat, riding the fence on taking the course. I’m so glad I did. As a newbie to the trading world, achieving this milestone is just a reminder that I can do anything I put my mind to, work hard at and speak into existence…and so can you. ⠀
Wishing you all an abundant and peaceful 2021!”⠀

Georgia, Trade and Travel Student 2020

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Still Undecided?

The Trade & Travel Program is perfect for you if:
You’ve got mental toughness & grit: Learning how to trade, implementing the concepts, trading in real time, and surviving the market highs & lows requires resilience.
When the stock market doesn’t follow your wishes, you don’t throw in the towel. You don’t
quit and sigh: “Trading isn’t for me.”
You pick yourself up, learn the lesson, and keep moving forward.
You’re committed to putting in the time and effort: To get the most out of this program, I highly recommend you put in approximately 10 hours per week to learn the content, practice in your Simulator account, and eventually muster the confidence to do live trading.
Trading is a learned skill that takes time. You cannot expect to become a seasoned professional overnight anymore than you can expect to make thousands of dollars.
It’s not luck. It’s a combination of sound principles and solid strategy.
You have a minimum of $500-$1,000 to start trading in stocks:
I recommend you start with at least $500 at the bare minimum to exercise what you’ve learned
in the program. Yes, the more you have to invest certainly puts you at advantage (read: $$$$$).
You’re not in the get-rich-quick league:
You take full responsibility for your results. You’ve not signed up for a get-rich-overnight
You’re ready to take action
And you’re all-in to win!
Which means you’re eager to watch the videos, download the PDF resources, listen to the
coaching calls, and implement actionable advice from your fellow traders in the private Facebookgroups. You desire to trade for income and chart your financial destiny. No excuses, no blaming, and no self-pity.

Get on-board and start on the journey to financial freedom!

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Why should I trust you?

Great question!

I started trading for ‘extra’ income 10 years ago, when I was still stuck in my teaching job. I figured if I could make $300 per day, it would be enough to pay my monthly bills.

Through lots of trial and error, taking several trading classes (that cost an arm and a leg😊), and a never-give-up attitude (thanks, Ma!) – I surpassed $300 per day and got to the coveted milestone of $1,000 per day.

I now trade full time and have for the last three years.

My number one advantage over other stock gurus (and the thing that sets me apart from them) is that I have a teaching background. This helps me break complex concepts into easy-peasy doables. My students (5,000 and counting) can vouch for this.

Investing terms and strategies can be confusing if you don’t have an experienced teacher who’s in the trenches helping you make actionable decisions.

How long will this take? I’m already strapped for time.

I hear you. I’ve also been in a dead-end job that was stressful beyond measure and drove me to burnout.

It wasn’t until I experienced a personal tragedy that I decided I’d do whatever it took to turn my life around with whatever hours I had in a day.

That’s why I haven’t added any filler information to the program and done everything to spare you from impractical brain dumps that don’t serve you.

Meaning every hour you invest in learning the 4-week curriculum (Standard Track) and the 4-classes curriculum (VIP Track) – will have an exponential payoff.

My students can vouch for this because the programs in both tracks are self-paced, structured, and break the complex into learnable concepts.

In short, they’re doable.

I recommend you allow yourself 8 weeks to complete all modules (Tracks 1 and 2), practice in the Simulator (TradeStation), and get ready for live trading.

What is the minimum amount I need to be able to invest to see tangible results?

I recommend that you start with a minimum of $500 to open your trading account, practice in your online brokerage account with fake money (think Monopoly) until you build the confidence to start trading live.

This means studying the market, making investment decisions, and practice trading. Our students have made up to $1,000 and beyond in their practice accounts.

When you’re ready to go live a.k.a. use real money, it’s best to start with at least $2,000-$3,000.

At that level, the bank will also allow you to have more buying power in the form of a margin account.

Disclaimer: I’m not a broker, so I can’t advise you what stocks to invest in or tell you to open a margin account with your bank. I’m simply letting you know your options. Margin accounts come with risks, so proceed with caution.

Can I use my 401k funds to do this?


You can always move the money that’s sitting in your 401k into a self-directed IRA account.

That’s how I got started. I moved the 401k money from my previous jobs into a self-directed IRA to begin trading.

I have no investing knowledge. Is this for me?


I’ve designed this program for regular folks just like you. The ones who have no investing knowledge or experience.

It’s also for those who’ve been investing for a while but haven’t seen financial returns worth talking about.

This program gives you my 7-step roadmap to follow so you can confidently lead with proven strategies.

Say goodbye to guesswork, hours of researching, and overwhelm and hello to joining the ranks of 1,000 students who’ve made it to the $1,000/day club.

(As of January 2021, we welcomed 1,000 students who made it to the $1,000/day club).

I know how to trade. Is this for me?

Great question! And go you for trading.

I’d say yes, this is the right program for you if you want to trade for income and here’s why…

In week 3, you’ll learn how to read charts. This robust training goes beyond the buy low/sell high strategies most rookie traders pride themselves on.

Reading charts gives you the confidence to know exactly what price to enter a trade and exit.

No more asking a crystal ball if you should buy a stock or what direction it’s heading in the market.

Mastering this one skill, can help you make timely decisions whether to buy or sell your stocks.

Do you cover Forex in your curriculum?

Nope. I only teach you how to trade stocks and options for income.

How long will it take to make money?

It depends. There are so many variables at play.

There’s you (your trading skills and consistency), the market, and your risk tolerance.

Your first homework assignment will be to make five trades in the first two weeks.

This is to galvanize you into action and overcome your fear of playing in the stock market…

Which means you will start seeing results very quickly.

If you put in the time to learn the content, take action, stay consistent, you can expect to make money within 60 days.

Some students have made money within the first two weeks. Others take longer.

That’s the beauty of this program. You can go at your own pace. There’s no race for who makes the most or the fastest.

But you absolutely don’t have to wait to learn EVERYTHING in order to start making money.

Can I do this with a friend?


Nothing like straight shooting accountability to help keep your eye on the prize 🙂

I encourage you to work with a friend or many friends.

However, each purchase is for a single user. Which means your friend(s) will have to buy the course separately and then you can join forces to work together.

You also have the option to start or join a study group after you enroll in the program.

Our bustling private Facebook Group of nearly 5,000 students has formed independent study groups you can join.

You are never alone!

Will you advise on what stocks to trade?

Nope! I’m not an authorized financial broker, so I can’t offer financial advice or make stock recommendations. What I can offer you are the tools, my company watchlist, and my unique methodology to help you attain success on your own.

The proof is in the pudding because I’ve helped thousands of students achieve their financial goals with my program’s content. All you need is to show up, work hard, and have grit!

What online broker do you use?

I recommend TradeStation.

This platform is built for traders, they have robust order types, and most importantly they’ve waived their commission fees and data fees of approximately $100/month for my students.

That’s $1,200 worth in savings for an entire year!

In addition to these benefits, you can open a TradeStation account with $500 that enables you to trade with a practice account (the Simulator).

I have my own brokerage account. Can I still do this program?


If you’ve got a brokerage account that you use and love, you can still enroll in the program.

How does this impact my taxes?

The gains you make from trading are taxed like your regular income.

What happens when I enroll?

You get immediate access to the curriculum and an invitation to join the private Facebook group, Trade & Travel.

Can I start with the Standard track and decide if I want to upgrade later to the VIP?


Can I make money if I only enroll in the Standard Track?

For sure! You don’t have to upgrade to VIP in order to make money as a trader.

The 4-week curriculum offered is sufficient to get you started and make income.

How is the VIP Track ($5,000) different from the Standard Track ($2,500)?

In the Standard Track, you learn:

  • When to buy and sell.
  • How to trade and make money as the market goes up.
  • When to buy and when to sell stocks.
  • How to minimize risks and losses.

In short, you learn how to make money as the market trends upwards.

But what about when the market is going south?

That’s where the VIP Track comes in because…

You learn:

  • How to make money when the market goes down (yup, you read that correctly). This track is geared towards transforming a novice into a professional trader (especially if you hope to join the ranks of a full-time trader).

Do you offer money-back guarantees?

Nope. There are no money-back guarantees. This is because I want to protect the integrity of my content by leaving no room for virtual dine and dash, reproduction, or simulation of this information.

I’ve dedicated a chunk of my time to cultivating and creating the video training, bonuses, and the step-by-step information on how to become an income trader. So again, if you don’t think this program is for you or you’re likely to change your mind, you won’t be able to request a refund later.

Do I get lifetime access?

You betcha!

As long as you’ve paid in full or made all three payments (if you opted for the payment plan) – the content is available for unlimited access.

Enroll Now!